Astronauts Fun Facts


                                    GREEN / WHITE                  Type W & O     36000+oC

                                    Giant very hot active stars


                                    BLUE                                     Type B              28600+ oC

                                    Very hot Helium stars


                                    WHITE                                   Type A              10700+ oC

                                    Large hot stars


                                    YELLOW / WHITE               Type F              7500+ oC

                                    Stars larger & brighter than Sun


                                    YELLOW                               Type G              6000+ oC

                                    Like our sun


                                   ORANGE                               Type K              4800+ oC

                                   Cooler stars


                                   ORANGE / RED                   Type M             3400+ oC

                                   Old dying stars


                                   RED                                       Type N & S      2500+ oC

                                   Cool Carbon stars

Cape Cañaveral is a cape in Florida. Since 1950 , Cape Cañaveral is where AMERICAN spatial activities take place. Missiles have been sent since 1950 (24th July).

This is a good place where missiles can be followed and they fall down the sea causing no disasters. One can find many shuttles. There are laboratories and control centres too.

Cape Cañaveral is controlled half of it by NASA and the other half bye USAF (military services).

In 1964, it was renamed by  Cabo Kennedy, in honour of John F. Kennedy. American president who was murdered the previous year. But there were many complains and it was renamed again as CAPE CAÑAVERAL.

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