Auditorium Sa Màniga


Friday, 15th of September, 5th & 6th Grade have gone to the Auditorium Sa Màniga. Today, it has been an adventure, hour after hour.


First, we have jumped on an electric train. It was super clean, neat & one could hear no noise. It also worked with a solar panel on its top. Sebastià, the man who has helped us with the way of transport was not there, but we know he has been in contact with the teachers during all the morning. Joan was the name of the driver.


Then, at quarter past nine, we have arrived there and we have been playing till 10. After that, we have gone downstairs to a room. We've been waiting for about 15 minutes and suddenly the fire alarm has started buzzing. A man from the theatre has given us some instructions to the nearest exit .


About 10:30 the play has started. It was only for us and we have been acting too. It has been a very interactive play because the actor was asking us questions and if you were right, you were going to help at the stage.


Next, we were asking them some questions about life, hobbies, personal information, ... He has been very nice and friendly to us. We have given him some hugs and we have thanked him a lot he was there.


Once we have gone out, it was raining. Sebastià said we could go with them back but the wagons were so full that teachers have decided that we would better eat our sandwiches and then we would go walking to school. Luckily, they warned us about bringing umbrellas and waterproof jackets, just in case. We have enjoyed a lot our way back, we have been singing and sometimes running.


This has been a very nice experience & we have enjoyed a lot!


Thank you Sebastià, Thank you Joan, Thank you Josep Lluís & to your Personal Assistant, Thank you Pere & to everyone of the Auditorim Staff!!


Today we give marks and we are Theatre Critics:


Most of us have given to Josep Lluis between 8 and 11 points up to 10 :o)


We have really enjoyed a lot!

Thank you Josep Lluís!



I enjoyed Tin Tin, It was funny as the actor did fails on purpose. It was  interactive because he kept asking questions and who ever answered correctly got brought up to the stage to reenact a scene over all it was good .- By Thomas 6th Grade B



“Lo que más me ha gustado de la obra ha sido lo bonita y sorprendente que es.”.- By Pablo 5th Grade A



What I liked the most was that it made us participe in the work and also in the form that was expresed in the work.- By Claudia 5th Grade A



"Una obra de teatro muy divertida en la que he disfrutado y reido mucho,todo me ha gustado" .- By Aitor 5th Grade B



A jo m'ha agradat tot perquè era fet amb molta creativitat i perquè era molt divertit. Era la obra més divertida de totes, però, he vist moltes ja gracioses. Gràcies per aquesta activitat.      :-).- By Shamin 5th Grade B



"Hacían participar al público y eso me parecio muy divertido; también me gustó cuando simulaban un eclipse con una linterna" .- By Javi 5th Grade A



"Lo que más me ha gustado han sido los equilibrios con lo objetos en la nariz mientras cantaba".- By Álvaro 6th Grade A



A funny show with a lot of surprises. The only one  actor is all the time amazing you with crazy jockes in which you can play too!!!.- By Sandra 6th Grade A



Me gustó mucho el teatro que fuimos a ver. Tin Tin Adventures fue muy chulo. Yo hice de Tin Tin en la obra. Me gustó mucho. Yo de nota le daría un 9,5 porque al principio fue un poco aburrido pero ya está, hace mucha gracia.- By Lion 6th Grade A


Me ha gustado el actor y la manera de narrar la historia .- By Pau 5th Grade A



A jo m'ha agradat molt quan l'home de l'obra de teatre li va posar una trompa d'elefant a na Sandra, a n'es cap.- By Noa 6th Grade A



Para mí lo que más me ha gustado ha sido cuando el actor le puso la trompa de elefante en la cabeza de Sandra y cuando el actor se puso el bastón en la nariz .- By Marta 6th Grade B



El que mes m'ha agradat ha estat quan feia equilibri amb el nas.

By Jaume 6th grade B.


I really liked the story of Tin Tin's Adventures. It was funny!
The moment  I liked most was when the actor(Josep Lluis) asked questions and when somone answered correctly they went together to the stage to act a scene. - By Yaroslav 6th Grade B
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