Abstract           Art             Artist                 Artwork              Brush                Canvas

         Clay                Colour        Collage               Craft                  Crayon               Drawing

         Exhibit            Frame         Gallery               Image                Landscape          Masterpiece

         Model             Mural           Museum             Oil Paint             Paint                  Paintings

         Pattern           Perspective   Pictures             Portraits             Pottery               Printmaking

         Sample           Sculptures    Seascape           Setting              Shape                 Space

         Statues           Texture



TOP 15

1.- La Gioconda: Leonardo da Vinci, 1503

2.- Guernica: Pablo Picasso, 1937

3.- The Scream: Edvard Munch, 1893

4.- The Last Supper: Leonardo da Vinci, 1495

5.- The Creation of Adam: Michaelangelo, 1511

6.- Starry Night: Vincent Van Gogh, 1898

7.- The Persistent of Memory: Salvador Dalí, 1931

8.- Girl with a Pearl Earring: Johannes Vermer, 1665

9.- The Birth of Venus: Sandro Botticelli, 1480

10.- The Son of Man: Rene Magrittes, 1964

11.- Cafe Terrace at Night: Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

12.- The Third of May: Francisco de Goya, 1814

13.- Las Meninas: Diego Velázquez, 1656

14.- The Arnolfini Marriage: Jan Van Eyck, 1434

15.- School of Athens: Raphael, 1510

a.- Set them in order on a timeline.

b.- Find out the pictures of the paintings.

c.- Choose one, DIY (do it yourself) & customize it!

d.- Show to the class the original (printed or copied) and your own one with a brief explanation:


The Conversation was painted in 1908 - 1912 by Henri Matisse.

Henry Matisse was from France, so he was French.

He was born the 31st December in 1869 and he died the 3rd of November in 1954.

e.- Ask to a member of your family, friend or teacher for another important or famous picture. Write down the same information as you did before.

Where are these famous artists from?

Let's look for their nationalities & place of born!

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