Excellent Tool for creating quizzes and evaluate them.


Excellent Tool for editing videos by adding questions. You may add an expiring date and evaluate the progress of them.


Podcasts, Radio online, audiobooks... You can upload or just enjoy!







This app helps teachers to manage their students' behaviour, values and many class facts.







This app allows you to present a project and edit it at the same time. Once, this is finished you can record it as a speech!







This tool allows you to prepare quizes with no need of electronic appliances. Just your mobile phone and a computer. It records in a very fast way, your students' answers.







Teacher's Notebook






Teacher's Register




This tool is good for creating your own Infographics, Presentations, Posters, Reports... 







Edit your own book and presented as a project!






QR Generator.- Create your own QR and add as much information as you can, just with one picture.


Create your own QR. Design it changing the colours.


Dictation.- It's an excellent tool which recognises your voice in many different languages.

Audacity.- It is a very good and easy tool if you want to edit audios.

Soundcloud .- Having a look here you can embed free music to your creations or find sound effects, as you can upload your mp3.

Soundbible.- You can find all the sound effects you want. 

It's a very interesting site where you can find a huge variety of music. You can download them by free using Apowersoft!

Free Sound.- You can find any sound effect in a free way.

GR Sites .- You can find any sound effect in a free way.

Sound Effects .- You can play many sound effects and use them recording them. MD app

Read Speaker.- Great tool if you want to combine a dialogue with different voices.

Lumen Vox.- Great tool if you want to combine a dialogue with different voices.

Voki.- With Voki you can create your own avatars and specify who you want to talk.

Screenshots Apps

It's a very basic but useful app where you can record in a simple and easy way an explanation by using pictures, texts... You can also take a photo.

This tool is a more completed one where you can add more icons and you can edit them. It's an excellent tool and it provides you a wide variety of possibilities to record, edit or present a file.

Youtube audio & images

Free Studio.- With this tool you can download / upload videos from /to youtube. You can also just download the audio of youtube videos and many other interesting facts.

Youtube.- All videos and sounds you need, you'll gonna find them here and in addition of that, thanks to Free Studio you can download them and edit them.

Do you need to convert any file? Try here!

Streaming Audio Recorder.- If you want, you can download any music you hear in your computer.

Images & Videos

Picasa.- It is an excellent tool for editing pictures and videos. You may also create your own collages.

Retrica .- It is a cool tool where you can play with your pictures giving them a retro colour.

Photofunia.- It is a very interesting tool if you want to give an original presentation to your portrait or picture. You can also create your own sign.

Image Chef.- Using this web you can also play with picture presentations or text signs.

Kizoa.- Excellent tool for creating nice & original Collages or slides.

Compfight.- Thanks to this web you can download and use free images with no copyright.

Webresizer.- If you ever need smaller size images you can do it online!

It's a great free tool. It allows you to work out your presentations using video & images.


PicCollage.- This is a Mobile Device app where you can create your own collages.

Photogrid.- This is another Mobile Device app where you can create your own collages.

Gif Creator

Gifcam.- Super easy tool in order to create gifs or record screen movement.

Useful Videos
Useful Videos

Maths & Science
Maths & Science

Science Activities
Science Activities