St: Good morning

T: Good morning class! Today we're going to do the class outdoors. The weather is great! isn't it?

1. Diana, what are we going to do today?

2. Are we going to talk about a project?

3. I think I know! She told us last week we were going to do something related to the peace day.

4. You are right!

5. Any one remembers what did we do three years ago?

6. If I'm not wrong we sang a song! Peace is our right!

7. Now I remember! And we used the sign language.

8. Ufff, I think I couldn't do it!

9. We also learnt things about Sadako Sasaki & The Peace cranes.

10. That was crazy! We did more than one thousand of them in one week.

11. Origami has some difficult steps.

12. I got mad! Hahaha I thought I would never learn.

13. What about last year?

14. Last year we did knotwork bracelets.


15. Candela was a girl from Barcelona who had cancer too.

16. So, they did the Candelas and we did the Naboof Marina.

17. Marina! she is in highschool, isn't she?

18. Yeah! She's great there!

19. Diana, are we going to do something special this year?

20. T: Definetely Yes! of course we will!

21. I read on the web something about Mechones Solidarios.

22. Me too. Is your german teacher better?

23. Yes, thank you for asking! Last April she started with quimo, in July with Radiotherapy & now she's back teaching again.

24. Did she loose her hair?

25. I read on the web that was the reason this year we will collect locks of hair.

26. Are we going to donate them to people who has no hair?

27. That's so nice! How can we do it?

28. Hair must be 20 cm long minimum. Did you know they need between 6 & 15 locks of hair for 1 wig.

29. Wow, unbelievable! What are we going to do then?

30. Next 30th of January, CEIP Punta de n'Amer will be a big Hair Salon.

31. People may come and donate their hair.

32. They can also donate money.

33. Or just cut a bit, got a hair dress, some fantasy make up or enjoy the party!

34. Party? What party?

35. Maria Duran and the dancing team girls are going to do an exhibition!

36. Cool! That sounds great!

37. We're gonna have fun! No doubt!

38. Uppps! Time over!

39. We must go back to our classes.

40. English class is finished!

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