Part I

What R’ U’ Talking About?

Part I


      1        One day a friend of mine told me that she had cancer. She had to have surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. She was lucky because eventually everything got well and in the estimated time.


      2        Last 29th of April, after a chemo session, she fell sick and she decided to go to the hospital on her own by car. Once she arrived there, doctors told her she had to stay there for few days. Till the 4th of May, to be precise.


      3        Visits were restricted and controlled. No more than two people could be in the room with her. In fact, no one with temperature or any kind of sickness could share the room with my friend. She was worried, sad, exhausted and for sure, frightened.


      4        One day after, I decided to visit her. I wanted to see her. I wanted to make sure she was ok. I had the necessity of seeing it with my own eyes. Once together, a nurse came in and then they started talking about natural hair wigs, hair length and donations. The nurse commented something about 20 cm and my friend explained that some students of her in highschool donated their hair.


      5        Mmmmm, what are they talking about? I wondered.






September 16’



What R’ U’ Talking About? .- Questions -.


1.- What’s the title of the story?

2.- What disease / illness / sickness had the friend of our writer? (1st Paragraph)

3.- What 3 different steps did she had to manage? (1st P)

4.- Bàrbara had to go to the hospital, not everything was ok, so… Why does she feel a lucky person? (2nd P)

5.- How did she go the hospital? By what way of transport? (2nd P)

6.- Who accompanied her to the hospital? (2nd P)

7.- Was the problem serious, not really or just a fast check in? Why do you think that? (2nd P)

8.- Describe how she was feeling by the time in the hospital. (3rd P)

9.- When did our writer visit her? ( M / D / Y ) (4th P)

10.- Did the writer understand the nurse and the patient words? (5th P)


11.- What do you think… (Personal Opinion)

- Is this a real story?

- It might be a real story.

- It can’t be a real story.



What makes you think so?

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