Part IV

9 Months later, Im not Pregnant  But a new Baby has born! .- Part IV



What about next January 2017? Weve got a programme where Mechones Solidarios in Málaga, Toñy who is a fantastic ambassadress from this event in Palma and many hair salons from Sa Coma, Porto Cristo and Cala Millor will help us with this.


1st Hairdressers will be in contact to manage the event which will take place next Monday, 30th of January 2017 in CEIP Punta de nAmer.

2nd Students from 6th grade will make some informational posters. They will be advertising agencies and they will have to think on different mottos or slogans related to the big day.

3rd That day, the school will open its doors in the afternoon and it will be transformed into a huge hair salon.


Locks of hair will be cut. Every person, boy or girl, woman or man is kindly welcomed to this celebration. Once more, there will be four accepted options:


a.- You can cut minimum 20 cm long of your hair and donate it. It can be wavy, curly or straight. It can be coloured or not. So, natural, colour-treated or highlighted hair is accepted. It can also be blond, black, brown, grey or red hair. If youve got layered hair you must cut it in same length locks. In this way, more hair can be used. You also donate 5.


b.- You can cut your hair a bit and donate 5.

c.- You can donate the amount of money you desire without cutting your hair.

And finally,

d.- You can obviously decide neither donate nor cut your hair. Its understandable! Of course, it is!


Those brave ones who donate their locks will take part in a selfie collage. Remember to take a picture of you with long hair and another with short hair. It will be good memories to have. Send them to:


We need between 6 and 15 pony tails or plaits in order to get one wig. The process lasts around fifteen days. These wigs are going to be given only to those people who are sick and have economic difficulties. Mechones Solidarios studies each personal demand and then, they decide if that wig will be free or the amount of money the person will pay in each case.



Maybe, this ceremony will be repeated next 13th of June 2017 according to the Skin Cancers Day. Weather will be warmer, so, a haircut might be a good idea.

Remember, in good, healthy conditions, hair may grow 1 cm each month. Who knows, maybe we can make the decision to cut 20cm of hair every two years.



9 Months later, Im not Pregnant

But a new Baby has born! .- Questions


1.- Where is Mechones Solidarios from?

2.- Where is Toñy from?

3.- Where can we find the hairdressers who will be in our event?

4.- When is the event going to be?

5.- Where will the event take place?

6.- What will 6th grade do in order to help?

7.- How many different options will be provided to people?

8.- Must everyone participate? Why?

9.- Should everyone participate? Why?

10.- Whats the minimum length our lock must have?

11.- Must the hair be natural, with no colour-treatment or highlights?

12.- How should you cut your hair in case youve got layered hair?

13.- Whos gonna take selfies?

14.- Once youve taken a before and after picture, where are you going to send them?

15.- How many plaits or pony tails are needed for one wig?

16.- Are the wigs free for everyone?

17.- Is this ceremony definitely going to be repeated next 13th of June?


18.- In normal conditions, how many centimetres does our hair grow in one month? 




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