Part III

Going Back in Time! .- Part III


1        I had too much information I wanted to share and even more, I wanted to help. My brain started working and ideas were coming to my mind. I sent a proposal to Mechones Solidarios: - What about doing an event next 30th of January 2017? Schools use to celebrating the Peace Day although we started doing it in a very special and sensitive way just 3 years ago.


2        Last 2015, we recorded a video where many different people had to perform a piece of a song. This song was Right to Peace from ‘Armed with the Hearts’. People from all over the world participated with it. Our school, CEIP Punta de n’Amer did choreography by using sign language. Children wanted to share the meaning, not only with people who could listen, but also with those ones who could only see.


3        Our students donated also money for one child with a disease. That was a very special beginning. That year, we also explained who Sadako Sasaki was. As her, we decided to make peace cranes. In one week time we were able to make more than 1000 of them by using the origami technique. Some of them were sent back again to an oncological unit in Son Llàtzer’s Hospital, in Palma. A group of students could visit that unit and the children who were there.


4        Last January 2016, we again took part in two more projects. We wanted to do something for everyone, not just for sick people. So, thanks to a video which appeared on TV News, we knew about Candela’s Project. Students from 5th & 6th grade decided to adapt it to our area and it was called Naboof Marina’s Project. Naboof because 6th grade students liked the way how it sounded and 5th grade thought about the possibility of Marina. She had been a very special student for all of us.


5        We started making bracelets and accepting donations. One could donate money, donate and get a bracelet back and obviously not to donate because we know how important respect other’s choices is. We got around 300 euros in few weeks and we used that money to decorate the paediatric unit of our hospital, ‘Hospital de Manacor’ with colourful stickers. We all wanted a nicer and warmer place, not only for boys or girls, rich or poor, sick or healthy. A better site for everyone! 6th grade presented an informational video in English to a contest and they got the 1st position. We are super proud of them. They really did an excellent job.


6        In addition to that, we took some photos of teachers, students and parents where each group was a month of the year and some friends of us helped issuing a calendar. This time, the money we got was sent to ‘Fundació Reial Mallorca’, trying to help more children with any kind of sicknesses.


Going Back in Time! .- Questions -.



Are these statements True or False?

Find the evidence on the text.


1.- At the very beginning our writer didn’t know how to start.

2.- She sent a proposal to a TV programme.

3.- She plans to do an event next January 2017.

4.- CEIP Punta de n’Amer celebrates the Peace day by doing projects.

5.- In 2015, they recorded a video only with different schools from the Balearic Islands?

6.- Only people who had the ability of listening, could follow the song.

7.- They learnt who Sadako Sasaki was.

8.- Students from CEIP Punta de n’Amer didn’t reach the goal of making 1000 peace cranes in one week.

9.- Some students visited Manacor’s Hospital.

10.- Last January 2016, the students participated in a project only for sick people.

11.- Naboof Marina Project is related to Candelas’ one.

12.- Our 6th grade students participated in a video contest and they got 1st position.

13.- Naboof Marina’s name had meaning for them. It was just an invented name.

14.- They collected money by baking some biscuits.

15.- Everyone had to donate money.

16.- They collected more than 250 euros.

17.- The oncological unit was decorated with colourful stickers.

18.-  They also issued a charitable calendar.

19.- Only students and teachers participated in that activity.


20.- Donations were sent to Africa.

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