Part II

The Beginning!

Part II


1        I decided I wanted to know more about it and I started surfing on Internet and asking to friends. Another friend of mine sent me some information and step by step, a new baby was growing. I sent an e-mail to ‘Mechones Solidarios’. They were so lovely and enchanting people. They sent me more information about them and this is their story:



2        š Hi, I’m going to introduce myself! My name is Estela and I am argentine. My mother was Nidia and she had a wig factory. One day, and once in Spain, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nidia dealt with it for 7 years, but unfortunately, her battle couldn’t be won that time.



- Why do you still have hair? How do you do it? - Doctors, nurses, other patients were asking her.

- Because, I’m wearing a natural hair wig! - She replied.



3        I’m also a hairdresser, that’s why we understand so much about it. Natural hair wigs are very expensive and not everyone is ready to do them. They may cost from 1500 till 2800 euros.


- Daughter! We must do something for those people who are not able to afford that amount of money. - Those were my mother’s words. She was repeating that, day after day.


4        I started doing wigs by the age of twelve with her, but oncological ones imply a bigger effort.


5        One day, a very special client, Gabriela, went to our hair salon. My mother had already passed away. Gabriela told me, she had on her mind to cut her beautiful long hair in to a very short one.


- What are you going to do with the lock of hair you’ve cut? - Asked Stella.

- I’m going to donate it to someone who really needs it! - Exclaimed her.


6        That’s when my mother came to my mind. So, I thought things would be much easier and wigs less expensive. If everyone donated his or her hair, that would help people who really needed. š





The Beginning! .- Questions -.


1.     Write the name of 3 women who appears in the story: (Through the Text)

2.     Where are mother and daughter from? (2nd P)

3.     What are their jobs? (2nd & 3rd P)

4.     4.- Is the mother still alive or she passed away? (2nd & 5th)

5.     What type of cancer was the mother diagnosed? (2nd P)

- Skin Cancer - Colon Cancer       - Breast Cancer       - Lung Cancer

- Other

6.     How long did the battle last? (2nd P)

7.     Did the mother’s hair fall down by chemo reaction? If so, why had she still got hair? (2nd P)

8.     What’s the average of money a wig may cost? (3rd P)

9.     Who said: ‘We must do something!’ (3rd P)

10.  How old was Estela, when she started doing traditional wigs? (4th)

11.  Who gave to Estela the idea of doing something with the cut locks of hair?

(5th P)

12.  Explain the reason of ‘Mechones Solidarios’. Why that name? (Through the Text)


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