The Adventures of Tin Tin







The man who invented Tintin was Hergé, but his real name was Georges Remi. His father tought him to draw. George's father worked drawing clothing patterns for a company. They made dresses, trousers, jumpers, gloves, socks... Anyway George Remi was a very talented painter and he also loved going on excursions looking for any risky adventure.





TINTIN is a young man with an outstanding toupee. He works as a journalist! Job… Journalist! He travels all around the world with Snowy, his dog. Tintin is very brave, he has great imagination, incorruptible, faithful, prudent, smart…


He is a very good driver: he can drive cars, motorbikes, ships, he can also pilot planes, he can ride horses, he can swim, he can shoot, he always helps the weakest people and he can also fight. He once got lost in a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, but he took a mirror and started to make flashes so someone might see him. And he was rescued immediately.








Who is Snowy? He's a white fox-terrier and he's Tintin's best friend; he goes with him wherever he goes. Snowy has been fighting against gangsters, against mad or insane people … Well, that’s the same actually. He nearly drowned once, and he also got shot. Snowy is very brave. He has been fighting against snakes, against goats, against politicians, cows and ... condors!





Captain Haddock is a well-trained captain. He is a very important character and he travels with Tintin all around the world. He is a bit vicious, he likes drinking whisky. Scotch whisky obviously.



Captain Haddock is a very sensitive person and he is also very expressive. He is always smoking his pipe and he wears a captain's cap. But the most impressive thing is that when he gets angry he can't stop swearing.






Professor Calculus is very smart but he has a problem. He is a little bit deaf. Wife? Jive? Speak louder!! I can't hear you! He is deaf but he is a specialist in Physics and Chemistry, and gardening. And he always carries a pendulum.






They are a curious couple of detectives who travel with Tintin in nearly all his adventures. They are twin brothers and the only difference between them is their moustache. One is pointing up and the other is pointing down. They went to the moon once and they didn’t come back; and once they ate some N.14 substance, although instead of exploding it made their hair grow.



Go to Google and type the word and click on images:


Ties                                             Steel            

Fan                                      Horse carriage

Clothing patterns                       Outstanding toupee

Incorruptible                             Faithful

To shoot                                   Vulture

Claws                                       Character

To rescue                                  Pleasure

Emergency breaks                     Toothbrush

Prisoners                                   Assistant

Rope                                         Sword

Branches                                   Blood

Shaman                                    Eclipse

Sacrifice                                    Blanket

Poisoned                                    Arrow

Crazy                                        Quinine

Elephant                                    Trumpet

Telegram                                    Bow



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