Human Body Quiz  

We all live with one so it's important to know how your body works. Test your understanding by taking our human body quiz with questions about the brain, heart, skeleton and more.

Space Quiz  

You'll find questions about stars, planets, moons, astronauts, astronomy and more in this fun space quiz. Take the space challenge and see how many answers you know.

Chemistry Quiz  

Chemistry covers interesting topics such as atoms, elements, reactions, gases, acids and bases. Put your chemistry skills to the test with our fun quiz!

Electricity Quiz  

Learn some fun science trivia while enjoying our electricity quiz. How much do you know about electric currents, batteries and circuits? Take the challenge and find out!

Water Quiz  

Water is a vitally important resource that is essential to life. Find out what you know about water properties, oceans, rivers, ice and other related trivia with our water quiz.

Food Quiz  

Learn more about what you eat by taking our food quiz. Food is a fun topic that covers fruit, cooking, vegetables, fast food and more. Enjoy the challenge that our questions offer.

General Quiz  

Our general science quiz covers a wide range of science subjects with a combination of chemistry, biology, physics, animal, earth, human body and space questions.

Acid Base Quiz  

Put you knowledge of acids and bases to the test with this fun science quiz. How much do you know about sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, litmus paper and pH levels?

Dog Quiz  

Dogs are fascinating animals that make cute puppies, hard workers and loyal companions. Test how much you know about these popular pets with our fun dog quiz.

States of Matter Quiz  

Learn more about the states of matter with this fun quiz. Challenge yourself by answering a variety of questions relating to properties of matter in solid, liquid or gas state.

Nature Quiz  

How much do you know about nature? Find out by trying our quiz that features a range of interesting questions related to recycling, the environment, plants, animals and more.

Metal Quiz  

Our metal quiz focuses on questions relating to elements such as silver, gold and sodium as well as alloys such as bronze and steel. How much metal trivia do you know?

Engineering Quiz

Check out our fun engineering quiz for kids. Can you answer our range of questions about structures, famous landmarks, electricity and other engineering related topics?

Flag Quiz

Have fun trying to name the country with our flag quiz for kids. How many flags do you recognize? Can you name all 30? Give it a try and find out!

Country Quiz

Test your knowledge of the world with this quiz that features questions on a range of countries from Africa, Europe, Asia and all over the globe.

Math Quiz

Enjoy this fun math quiz that will test your skills with a range of interesting questions related to numbers, geometry, arithmetic, general math knowledge and more.

Word Search Puzzles

Enjoy our range of printable word searches for kids. Perfect as activity worksheets for students, these free puzzle games feature science topics, popular holidays and more.

Sudoku Puzzles

Have fun solving a range of free sudoku puzzles. Ranging in difficulty from easy to hard, these brain benders will really get you thinking.

Animal Quiz

How much do you know about our animal friends? Our animal quiz will challenge your knowledge of cats, dogs, birds, tigers, snakes, fish, elephants, lions and more.

Planet Quiz

Focus on the planets with this fun quiz for kids. Answer questions related to Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and our other neighbors in the Solar System.

Biology Quiz

Enjoy our fun biology quiz. Answer questions about evolution, cells, microbiology and more. Find out just how much you've been paying attention during biology lessons at school.

Physics Quiz

Take our physics quiz and answer questions on energy, motion, friction, light, magnets, gravity and more. With a range of interesting questions you’re sure to find a challenge.

Technology Quiz

Technology covers interesting topics such as science innovations, the Internet, modern gadgets and computers. Put your knowledge to the test with our technology quiz.

Earth Quiz

Third planet from the sun and the only place in the universe where life is known to exist, the earth is a unique and beautiful planet. Take this fun earth quiz that's perfect for kids!

Weather Quiz

Local weather reports are not always as accurate as we would like. Improve your knowledge by taking our weather quiz. Learn more about rain, sunshine, storms and more.

True or False Quiz

Enjoy our fun true or false science quiz. Test your general knowledge of subjects including biology, chemistry, physics, animals, space, Earth, the human body and more.

Elements Quiz

Test your knowledge of chemical element symbols. Do you know the chemical symbols for elements such as carbon, iron and gold? Find out by taking our element symbols quiz.

Atom Quiz

Challenge the mighty atom to a fun science quiz. Prove your knowledge or learn some interesting facts you may not have known about protons, electrons and neutrons.

Plant Quiz

Plants come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, some grow fast and some grow slow. See how many questions you can answer about a range of flowers, trees and other plants.

Heat Quiz

Raise the temperature by trying our heat quiz. Learn some interesting facts about energy transfer, conduction, boiling points, freezing temperatures and other heat related topics.

Sports Science Quiz

How much do you know about the science of sports? Find out with our fun quiz. Answer a range of questions about sports physics, equipment, medicine and technology.

Dinosaur Quiz

Put your knowledge of dinosaurs to the test with this cool quiz for kids. Answer questions related to all your favorite dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops.

Capital Cities Quiz

See how many capital cities you can name with our fun quiz. Start off with some easy ones before moving on to countries that are sure to be a challenge.

Geometry Quiz

How well do you know your shapes? Do you know what anequilateral triangle is? How about a parallelogram? Try our geometry quiz and find out!

Word Scramble Puzzles

Check out our fun word scramble puzzles that challenge your problem solving skills while reinforcing important words related to everything from chemistry to Christmas.


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